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Equipment Operator

The duties of Equipment Operator include but are not limited to the following items and physical requirements.


Job Specific duties will include:

  • Check equipment fluids daily.

  • Complete daily inspection reports.

  • Report any wear or damage to the equipment to the Foreman or Superintendent.

  • Operate equipment in a manner so no damage or harm is caused to the crew, materials, or existing improvements on the work site.

  • Excavator and bull dozer operators must be able to maintain grade with the assistance of others using lasers, levels, transits, string lines, or other methods.

  • Observe all safety precautions when working around existing utilities. 


General Job site duties will include:

  • Prepare for work daily by setting out tools and equipment needed.

  • Maintain a clean and safe work area.

  • Return tools and equipment to their proper storage area at the end of each day.

  • Assist the crew in other activities if your specific job skills are not needed that day.

  • Report any damaged or lost tools and equipment to the Superintendent or Foremen.

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