Our Services

Trident Civil has nearly 30 years of experience developing infrastructure. Our highly trained team is intimately familiar with the geology and landscape of Virginia and North Carolina. In our business, creating a solid foundation for your jobs is paramount. We pride ourselves in being able to anticipate the measures needed in order to successfully execute a project.

We specialize in the following:

While roads and highways can be simplistic, we embrace extensive and complicated roadway projects that include complex traffic control plans, phase details, and heavy managerial experience requirements.

Pump Stations & Structures
Pump stations involve an elaborate underground structure that must be carefully planned to keep everything running smoothly. Our crew can also construct civil concrete structures, shoring, underpinning excavation support and protection, special foundation, and load bearing elements.

Combining extensive knowledge and a broad background in utilities ensures success for diversified sanitary sewer, water, storm drain, trenching, and earthwork projects. Our special emphasis is on wastewater flow control and dewatering.